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Well, if you haven't already looked at the profile information, then you will be wondering why I have re-created the community of narcotichrist.

Firstly, let me assure to everyone that my reason for doing so is not because I was an original fan of the community, even though I recall being a member once. Rather, this is a demonstration in protest against the fact that the original owner/creator of narcotichrist, none other than her Irish royal slyness - deezombie - actually stole MY community back in 2009. Unlike me, she didn't pay for a new username; no, she just took it over because of a gaping big loop-hole in LJ concerning old journals not deleting attached communities at the same time.

So, this is what you might like to call a crucifixion of sorts, as well as a resurrection.

I do not claim to own the original name of this community, nor do I claim to be the creator of the format it once adopted. I actually don't care for any of that, but it's nice to get a bit of poetic justice following deezombie raping my former community (which I have thankfully recreated and got back up and running, see harm_reduction).

Say no more, it's usually better that way (especially if you can't handle the truth, or an eye for an eye).

Love leads to harm reduction,

ps: Yes, if you're a deezombie groupie, then don't worry... you'll be banned as soon as your cover is blown; so make sure you have an IP-address app that actually works! Haha.

So exciting
2013 apartment sit
I personally am hoping to bring enough members to get the vote thing going again. Oh do I miss LJ.


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